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WHULj Studios is an independent and agile studio located in the Pacific Northwest, providing a variety of capabilities within the realms of design, content, and ideation. We create films and videos that tell pioneering stories — travel, lifestyle, healthcare, food, documentaries, and more!

We are a full-service video agency, handling it all - from initial ideation through scripting, storyboarding, production, post-production, and delivery. We are experts in elevating brands through a full range of services, including film, video, photography, animation, live broadcast, and design. We love working with you to create stunning film and videos ready for television or the web. As one of the Pacific Northwest's most veteran film teams, we've worked with scores of satisfied clients like the American Heart Association, Visit Florida, Brand USA, Red Bull, Alaska Salmon, and more.

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Getting all our ducks in a row. Concept, Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Casting, Location Scouting, Art Direction, Set Design, and more!



Getting our feet wet and our hands dirty. Doing the work that needs doing to shoot your project. Filming, craft services, transportation, and more!



Putting it all together. Combining your ideas and our experience, building the perfect story to showcase what is unique about your product, service, or brand.



Releasing it into the wild. This is the best part...where we get to set your project free and witness the results for your brand and audience.



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A Particular Set of Skills


With the team's combined experience of over 45 years and our collective knowledge of film, audio, music, and digital media production of the highest caliber, WHULj Studios translates vision into a medium that is not only creatively cutting edge but with a powerful commercial impact.


Plainly said, we are PASSIONATE about what we do! We love telling stories, telling your stories. WHULj Studios transforms companies and creates value by designing video experiences that are driven by creativity and have concrete foundations in technology, data, and organizational strategy. With a team comprised of leaders, disruptors, strategists, innovators, designers, video producers, and marketing creatives, it only makes sense for us to want to share our collective mind.


The key to WHULj's well-earned reputation for consistently meeting and exceeding clients' expectations lies in a strong focus and commitment to "big picture thinking." Taking a project from concept to script to screen and beyond takes more than just organization and discipline; it takes the experience, passion, and focus that can only come from a creative team who loves what they do. We know how to produce top-quality multi-platform content, and we know how to do it under even the toughest circumstances. That is our focus.

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